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My eclectic tastes result in work that is broad in range, style and subject matter. When actively engaged in photography, I look for both the manifest and hidden beauty that is inherent in the space which I happen to be inhabiting at the time. I especially enjoy discovering abstractions while in a state of mindfulness with a physical environment. When creating digital abstract images, I select photos using one or both of two criteria: their inherent aesthetic composition and/or their potential for revealing the underlying essence or structure of their subject matter. Those photos are then reinterpreted using image-editing software. At times the result of this process is an image that bears little or no resemblance to the photographic medium that initially created it. I view this process of abstraction as extraction because it involves taking what is found in the real world and extracting its basic elements of shape, color, line and texture. 


Anthony Iacuzzi is a graphic designer, fine art photographer and digital artist. He has a B.A. degree in Photography from Columbia College Chicago. In 2000 he established a marketing communications firm which specializes in marketing communications and graphic design. In 2010, he co-founded Perspective Group and Photography Gallery, a not-for-profit cooperative of fine art photographers. His work has been exhibited locally, nationally and internationally.

Juried Exhibitions

• Light and Shadow (2018) - Black Box Gallery, Portland, Oregon

• 13th Annual National Juried Exhibition - Morpho Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

• Street Photography - Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece, 2018

• 2017 International Color Awards – Nominee in the architecture, fine art, photojournalism and silhouette categories

• 11th Annual National Juried Exhibition - Morpho Gallery, Chicago,Illinois

• Fifth Annual Exposure Award - Architecture Collection; Musee du Louvre, Paris, France

• Urban Landscape - 1650 Studio & Gallery, Los Angeles, California

• Urban Landscapes 2013 - New York Center for Photographic Art

• “Chair” - A. Smith Gallery, Johnson City, Texas

• 1st and 2nd Annual Environmental Photography Exhibition - Colorado Environmental Film Festival

• Faces of Evanston; - Theme Spirit Award

Exhibitions at Perspective Gallery:

• Chimeric • Agritecture • Cueless • Women of Interest: Impromptu Portraits • Out of Context • Urban Towers • Artchitexture: The Chicago Series • Digital Wonderland: Exploring the Limits • Mexican Moments

Online Exhibitions: 

• Blind Spot - The Global Photography Project

Books Published

• Why We're Here and Other Random Thoughts

• Everglades City: Gulf Coast Gateway to the Everglades